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Reflect and Resolve

I’ll keep with tradition this time of year and reflect on the past year and resolve for the new one. Since this is a writer’s blog, I will not reflect on politics or the economy, but I will resolve not to let either deter me from my writing in the coming year. Neither will I list here my personal goals for the year, though one does relate to my writing—I’m glad I ventured out of my hermitage the second half of this year, and vow to keep contact with the other writers in the “real” world during the coming one.

• I am thrilled with the amount of writing I accomplished in the past year, and resolve to write even more this next year.

• I am dismayed at the amount of writing time I wasted online this year, and vow not to do that in the future. I will stop endless surfing and depend on my RSS feeds to keep me focused on the blogs I really care about, and I will try to check email only five times a day … maybe ten … maybe.

• I vow to read or reread at least five classic novels this year, and except for research necessary for my writing, I vow to read only fiction … well more fiction, at least.

• I enjoyed being part of a writers’ group this year, and I resolve to elevate my level of literary criticism—i.e. learn to see the forest as well as the trees.

• I vow to develop the ego I hear is necessary to be a serious writer! (Just so you know, I’m trying very hard not to hear Ms. Perfect laughing right now.)