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What does this tell you?

All right, the polls are closed and we have a new President … no, wait … that was a different vote. Maybe it’s my virus-addled brain today, but I’m not sure what to say about the results of the last polls. I wasn’t surprised to see that most of us write some type of fiction. We imaginative types seem to gravitate together. I was a little surprised that none of you claimed to ever write straight non-fiction (which is why that poll result is missing.) Of course, the creative non-fiction total got a boost from the addition of the blogging category.

 I cast my votes in literary, women’s fiction, and blogging. I could have cast a vote in horror, which is what I used to write, but I’m not sure I want to write than any longer. I also would have cast a vote for short stories, but I don’t feel I’ve written a successful one yet. However, if the rest of you voted for more than one category, that would indicate that a considerable few less people participated in this polling than voted in the original poll. Sniff, sniff, am I losing my audience?

 If you’d care to step up and claim your votes in a comment, please do. And do come back later for my next post in which I reveal how blogging can lead to public embarrassment.