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Yes, I’m angry!

PLEASE NOTE: This post is not a criticism of Elizabeth Strout's writing, which I love. It is only a rant about some arbitrary writing rules. This is the post that will probably get me in trouble. On Friday, I finally got a copy of Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge, which won a Pulitzer last year. Accessible… Continue reading Yes, I’m angry!

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First novel, love it or leave it?

I realize most of you who read this blog have never published a novel, but I’m going to ask for your opinion anyway. Often I’ve read the admonition you shouldn’t attempt to sell your first novel. I saw someone question why on Twitter just yesterday. If anyone answered, I didn’t see those tweets. Of course,… Continue reading First novel, love it or leave it?

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Ignorance stays out of your way

My last post concerned the idea that where you write can affect how you write. This post voices my overwrought opinion that what you know can affect how you write. In other words, sometimes knowledge can hogtie you, where ignorance lets you run free. I wrote my first novel in six months. Certainly, it needs… Continue reading Ignorance stays out of your way