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What did I learn during one week without writing?

With my youngest son home for a visit, I didn’t expect to get much, if any, writing done. So I was not surprised that all I wrote was two blog posts and two more paragraphs in the first chapter of a new novel. I watched a lot of television, ate too much food, and survived our first 108° day of the season.

What else did I do? Well, there was some family stuff: a birthday party, a Wii challenge, and a concert where another of my sons played trumpet (magnificently, of course!), but I learned a few fascinating things too.

  • Among the 18 and over crowd around here, hookah lounges are the big thing. Why does no one tell me these things? And how far over 18 can you be?
  • On the same day the temp in the valley was 108°, it was only 66° on the beach less than three hours away! Not that I was at the coast.
  • I can’t pronounce the phrase Warp Tour without a pause between the two words. My mouth just won’t cooperate, though I can say it with a Texas(?) accent—Wurp Tur.
  • One event you might see at said Warp Tour is something called the Wall of Death, where the male concert goers separate, backing up on either side of a wide path down the middle and then, at a signal from the band, rush at each other shoving, stomping, fist flying, whatever. It’s bizarre behavior to me, but then so is war.
  • You can see something like the WoD—on a miniature scale—in the new Twilight movie, which I was coerced into attending. I’ve read none of the books, nor have I seen either of the previous movies … but in case you’re wondering, I would choose Jacob.
  • The next Harry Potter movie will be in two parts—but I’m sure you knew that already. The trailer looks great!
  • According to the frequency with which I had to ask younger family members to repeat themselves this week, it appears I’m losing my hearing. I blame it on my husband who now turns up the sound on the television to 25! See what I get for trying to spend time with him?

However, the most important thing I learned this week of essentially no writing is that I could actually do that—no problem. That disturbs me. My life returns to normal tomorrow, and I’m a bit anxious to see what happens then. Maybe I should run over to the Lebanese deli and buy a hookah.

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Days of no wine … but rain and strawberries

I confess; I’m a procrastinator. Last night I checked to see what I had ready for the blog today and realized I’d used up all my stockpiled posts. Then, this morning, I had almost finished writing today’s blog post when I decided it wasn’t time for that one yet.  So instead, today you get fluff.

I live in the central San Joaquin Valley where yesterday’s high temp was 90° F and today’s will be 66° … ahhh variety. It’s also raining today, which is actually a little late in the season for us. I believe I’ll enjoy the atmosphere and maybe even write something deep today. Does weather affect your writing? That’s something I’m considering as I sit here. I don’t normally think of myself as a gloom-inspired person—I just want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea—but, thinking back, I believe the bulk of the dark scenes in my novel Brevity were written during gloomy weather. Hmmm …

Unfortunately, cool, gloomy weather also makes me hungry for stick-to-your-ribs food (though it sticks more to my belly) but I have a refrigerator full of Trader Joe’s salads! I love Trader Joe’s, I went there yesterday for sparkling water and Tejava tea and spent $90, not just on those two items, but the thirty other items I couldn’t resist. I did bypass the wine display though … only because my wine rack is full.

One of my sons brought me strawberries still warm from the field on Saturday, so I do have those to look forward to eating today … gloom or no. The strawberries grown here are the best, and most are huge. I wanted to buy raspberries yesterday at TJ’s but felt like I’d be cheating on the strawberries waiting at home. I’ve realized I’m a serious berry kind of woman, which makes me blush, since I consider berries the most sensual of fruits.

Ahhh, yes, I must apologize for this post about nothing. I’ll do better next time. Maybe. Please, tell me how much more exciting your day is, was, or will be.

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Coast to valley

Just stopping in for a quick hello. For those of you not familiar with the drastic differences in summertime weather between areas of California, I’ll give you an illustration. When we woke yesterday in Cambria, California the temperature was a foggy 52°F, and by the time we left six hours later had risen to a sunny 63°. During the three hour drive east to the Central Valley, the temperature climbed steadily and we arrived home to a typical July 108°F late afternoon.


We had spent a foggy afternoon and evening in Cambria, where I ate the most tender filet mignon ever … yes, I know it’s the coast, and I usually do order seafood, but I’m glad I didn’t this visit. The next day we drove south first to Cayucos where we sat on the sunny pier and watched the fishermen, and the sea lions. No shop browsing this time because I still can’t stand for long. We ended our day with a picnic at Hearst Memorial Beach north of San Simeon.


Given a choice, I’d live on the coast, but for now, I’m home in this sizzling, smog-filled valley, slightly sunburned, but with a replenished spirit and a mind full of story ideas. I think there’s even a blog post or two forming. And it’s time to finish that novel.