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All ye, all ye outs in free!

And if you grew up saying, “Ollie, Ollie outs in free!” that works too. Yesterday, Rebecca came out of lurking to let me know she reads my blog through Google Reader, but never comes here to leave a comment. Her first ever comment was like a surprise gift. (Not that I lead a pathetic life or anything.) Now, I’m wondering if there are more of you silent readers out there. Hence, my little poll today. Don’t worry lurkers, it’s completely anonymous, so you won’t be outed, and only I will see the results.

In other blog news, I was perturbed to discover that comments on at least three old posts, in a row, have vanished. I have no clue how that happened. I didn’t realize they were gone until I shared a link to my post titled Here Be Heaven. Any of you other WP bloggers ever have comments disappear?

And finally, I’ve been pondering the seeming connection between water and writing. I’ve noticed many times on this blog and yours how often we mention that an idea came to us in the shower … or even while washing dishes. It occurred to me that water is an archetypal symbol of the unconscious. Could it be that being in or near water stirs up the unconscious allowing thoughts, feelings, and emotions to float up to our conscious mind? Anyone? Anyone?

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