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What’s the point?

I have a dead zone in my brain. You know, that place where things you try to learn just won’t stick? If the formula for calculating percentages doesn’t dwell in mine, it’s definitely in the neighborhood. (Don’t tell my math teacher son.) Most tasks involving word usage reside in livelier areas, but one that doesn’t is the “point” referred to in the title of this post. That would be, Point-of-View—or POV if you’re into acronyms.

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Frigid Fiction

The beginning of this post is rather … unusual, and to lessen my chances of it getting search hits of the wrong sort, I will use creative spelling. Let’s just say a woman had a s.e.x dream and in this dream, though aware the act was taking place, she felt none of the usual physical… Continue reading Frigid Fiction

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Meanwhile, back at the keyboard …

I rose before dawn this Saturday morning; partly because the cat decided I should, but mostly because I kept waking myself to think about what I need to write next. I’m so near the completion of the writing now, that I’m anxious to move on to the next stage. As I said in an earlier… Continue reading Meanwhile, back at the keyboard …

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The art of balance

Anne Lamott says this about dialogue: “Suddenly people are talking, and we find ourselves clipping along. And we have all the pleasures of voyeurism because the characters don’t know we are listening. We get to feel privy to their inner workings without having to spend too much time listening to them think. I don’t want… Continue reading The art of balance

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Pollen, point of view, and people

It's raining pollen here. Seriously. You can stand in my yard and watch it shower down around you, on you. My lovely red car, parked in the driveway, now has a fine yellow-green tint. Needless to say, I'm taking my allergy med. I'm working on honing my deep-third point of view skills. I've already edited… Continue reading Pollen, point of view, and people