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It’s only half the party

Due to a bad reaction to Vicodin and because my last post was such a long one, I’ve decided to make this post brief. Sometimes I wonder about the visitors to this blog. Many of you are regulars and leave comments, but many more don’t. I wonder if those that don’t are reading the comments others make.

party-hatsAlthough I’m flattered that you would want to read what I’ve written, if you skip the comments, you are getting only half the story. I have both insightful and witty regulars around here—sort of like a Cheers of the blogsphere. Sometimes the best part of my posts is in the comments section. I try always to respond to the comments and sometimes the regulars comment back to each other.

So, if you want, you can only eavesdrop, but just know that you’re invited to the party in the comments section.