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A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

A couple mornings ago, some words popped into my head while I pruned spent roses. I rolled the words around on my mental tongue and realized I had a pretty good opening line, but no other lines came to me as I worked. When I came back inside, I sat down to research my next… Continue reading A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

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And so it begins …

For some time now, I have been aware of you in the shadows. I was too busy then to pay attention. I am ready now. Come sit with me by the water. Tell me your story. Don’t leave anything out; I want to know it all. Show me what you see. Give me a taste… Continue reading And so it begins …

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How well do you visualize your characters?

The idea for my current novel came from a dream, so I had a visual of my main character Jalal from the start. In general, I first see my characters as a type and then I picture someone, usually a celebrity, who fits the type. I’ve visualized my character Meredith as three different actresses and… Continue reading How well do you visualize your characters?

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Do you write what you see?

The bulk of this post is a repeat from last year. I was reminded of it while reading Cynthia Newberry Martin's blog post this morning. Since the topic is still worthy of discussion—and I'm frantic with preparations to leave Friday morning for my New York City trip—I decided to repost. It seems to me, the… Continue reading Do you write what you see?