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What does this tell you?

All right, the polls are closed and we have a new President … no, wait … that was a different vote. Maybe it’s my virus-addled brain today, but I’m not sure what to say about the results of the last polls. I wasn’t surprised to see that most of us write some type of fiction. We imaginative types seem to gravitate together. I was a little surprised that none of you claimed to ever write straight non-fiction (which is why that poll result is missing.) Of course, the creative non-fiction total got a boost from the addition of the blogging category.

 I cast my votes in literary, women’s fiction, and blogging. I could have cast a vote in horror, which is what I used to write, but I’m not sure I want to write than any longer. I also would have cast a vote for short stories, but I don’t feel I’ve written a successful one yet. However, if the rest of you voted for more than one category, that would indicate that a considerable few less people participated in this polling than voted in the original poll. Sniff, sniff, am I losing my audience?

 If you’d care to step up and claim your votes in a comment, please do. And do come back later for my next post in which I reveal how blogging can lead to public embarrassment.

Polls, Writing

The VOTE continues

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last poll. Mysteriously, only about one third of the people who viewed the poll decided to cast their vote. I will forever wonder why. And if you’re curious who the non-writers were, I suspect they were either friends or relatives of mine. 🙂

We totalled 37 votes (you can see the results here) and it will probably not surprise you to learn that more than half of us write fiction. About equal numbers voted poetry and non-fiction. The write-in votes were: 1 screenplays, 1 lyrics, and 1 “I’m not a poet.” (not sure how to categorize that one.)

Now, we must move on. Today we have a new set of polls, just for the writers, this time. To further classify us, the great and powerful Linda (pay no attention to that PollDaddy behind the curtain!) has cleverly devised five category polls. These are set it up so you can select more than one answer in each poll. You may also vote in more than one poll–so if, for example, you write adult thrillers and poetry, feel free to vote in both those polls.

If you don’t see a choice that represents your writing, please enter your choice in the OTHER box in the appropriate poll. (Visitors to this page will not see your entry, but I will.)

If you would like to further clarify any of your choices, please do so in the OTHER box.

You are also welcome to explain your choices to your heart’s content in the post comments section.

Vote loud. Vote proud. Vote.

ALERT!!!!!!!!! You may select more than one box in
each poll, BUT once you click Vote in that poll, you will not be able to change or add to your vote.





Polls, Writing

Okay, everybody VOTE!

And I do mean EVERYBODY!

Some of you are regular visitors to my blog, and I’ve probably visited your blog, so I may already know a little about what you write. Doesn’t matter. I still want you to make your choice official and VOTE. Some of you may be visiting for the first time. Great. Please VOTE. And some of you come to this blog repeatedly, but never leave a comment. Well, today you can remain anonymous, but please VOTE.

If you are a writer, please VOTE in my poll.

If you’re not a writer, please VOTE in my poll. See question #5? That’s for you!

If you write in a form not listed, please VOTE by typing your answer in the “other” box.

If you hate having to choose just one, or want to explain your vote, or just want to say, “Hey!” Please leave a comment.

UPDATE: If you vote Other, please leave a comment to say what you write.