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One step closer to Illusion

Last night, I delivered An Illusion of Trust to my betas. Yay! I can definitely say this book is in better shape going to beta than The Brevity of Roses was, so I don’t think I’ll have too much more work ahead of me. While I wait for their feedback, I’ll work on other book-related… Continue reading One step closer to Illusion

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Words you don’t need

Since I finished a round of editing two days ago, I’m going to mention something I looked for in the final polish—overused words. Eliminating unnecessary words strengthens your writing. I’ll mention the two main ones I had a problem with. They may or may not be a problem in your writing. I expect you all… Continue reading Words you don’t need

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Words I didn’t expect!

I’ve used Wordle on this blog before, but seeing it on Nathan Bransford’s blog yesterday reminded me that I wanted to try it again when I finished my novel. So, I pasted my whole novel in Wordle. (First I removed all the chapter headings, so the word Chapter wouldn’t show up as one of my… Continue reading Words I didn’t expect!