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I’m serious … or not

Yeah, so I signed up for this writing workshop, and guess what? Every person in this workshop is a writer! Who’d a thunk it? What’s worse, these other writers WRITE … and they do it on their blogs! Most of them craft long, thoughtful, beautifully crafted blog posts. Me? Not so much. I write about… Continue reading I’m serious … or not

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Our third instruction in the Creativity Workshop is to formulate three goals to concentrate on during the workshop and to create a task list for each goal. Merrilee’s post defined the difference between wants, needs, and goals. We must decide what tasks are needed to reach our goals. I confess; my right brain started to… Continue reading Goooals!

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Yes, I have issues

Our first assignment in Merrilee Faber’s Creativity Workshop will be to list our goals. It occurs to me that I’ve never truly had writing goals before. I just write and write and write until the project is done. I may set deadlines, but I rarely meet them. I’m too much an undisciplined writer. It appears… Continue reading Yes, I have issues

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Too much information!

I have read too many writing manuals. For now, my brain cannot process any more how-to advice. It's likely a few skipped my mind when I compiled this list, but in full or in part, I have read these books in the last year: On Writing by Stephen King On Becoming a Novelist by John… Continue reading Too much information!