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I’m not undisciplined, I’m just a writer!

Yesterday my husband took dragged me out to lunch. It should have been an easy bribe—an offer of food I don’t have to shop for, prepare, or clean up from—but I’ve been entrenched in formatting my novel for CreateSpace. I confess, I tend to get hyper-focused. Actually, I suspect I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I’ve… Continue reading I’m not undisciplined, I’m just a writer!

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The REAL reason writers need to blog

If you’re an extroverted writer, this post probably won’t mean much to you, but if you’re an introvert, pay attention. It's lonely being a writer. My circle of live-and-in-person writing friends is just big enough to span … a card table. Once a month. Yeah, I’m about as introverted as you can be. So you,… Continue reading The REAL reason writers need to blog

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No, really, why do you write?

I write fiction; if you write non-fiction, most of what I’m going to say won’t apply to you. Why do you write? I’m sure you’ve been asked that question. You’ve probably given an answer.  I have—more than one—but those were quasi-truths. At the time, my answers were valid. I just hadn’t put enough thought into… Continue reading No, really, why do you write?

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Waiting for the words

You may have noticed that I got off schedule in my blogging. I’ve been de-stressing. I decided to quit the numbers game … I'm not watching my blog stats or Twitter follower counts. If any of you leave comments, I'll know you're still reading ... and if you don't, I'll still assume you're reading, but… Continue reading Waiting for the words

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First novel, love it or leave it?

I realize most of you who read this blog have never published a novel, but I’m going to ask for your opinion anyway. Often I’ve read the admonition you shouldn’t attempt to sell your first novel. I saw someone question why on Twitter just yesterday. If anyone answered, I didn’t see those tweets. Of course,… Continue reading First novel, love it or leave it?