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This is when you know you’re a writer

First off, this is not the serious writing post I promised last time. I’m still working on that one. But this one does concern writing—in a bizarre sort of way. That pesky little internal organ known widely as the gall bladder has influenced my life for a month. Did I acknowledge its power and do… Continue reading This is when you know you’re a writer

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A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

A couple mornings ago, some words popped into my head while I pruned spent roses. I rolled the words around on my mental tongue and realized I had a pretty good opening line, but no other lines came to me as I worked. When I came back inside, I sat down to research my next… Continue reading A Tuesday Morning Magical Experience

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There’s a crowd in my head!

In response to my post How I read from there to here! T.A. Olivia, aka Darksculptures remarked that her reading path might indicate she had multiple personalities. She wasn't serious, but in a sense that seems logical to me. Fiction writers do have a semblance of multiple personalities, at least temporarily. So do actors, I… Continue reading There’s a crowd in my head!

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Did I just see a monkey?

A couple days ago, as I sat at the computer with the opening paragraphs of my finished-but-not-quite novel on the screen awaiting another edit, I glanced out the window hoping for some brilliant inspiration. It was a gloomy day, nothing much to look at, and my mind drifted. Then, just above my line of focus,… Continue reading Did I just see a monkey?